Wednesday, January 16, 2008

am I the last person in the blogosphere to figure this out?

I just figured out how to do an RSS feed to get updates via Mail when the blogs I watch get updated. Wow! Does this ever simplify life... well, at least as far as catching up with blogs goes.

Did all of the rest of you already know this? I feel so... 20th century. I used to go surfing occasionally to see if people had updated. I would check a couple of blogs every day, with people who update all the time. Others I would check more often than they updated, and others I would check less often. Now I can get an update easily. Whoa... am I impressed with myself right now!

OK, back to other stuff.


blackbird said...

I knew about it but I've never used it.
I read, usually, through bloglines.
Maybe you should go check that out too...

Michelle said...

i am an RSS addict! it makes my life so much easier bc i used to just click thru my blogroll to see if they had updated.

maitresse said...

I get so overwhelmed by my RSS feeds I have to keep them somewhere separate from my mail... I love bloglines! it's so much prettier than google reader.