Tuesday, August 19, 2008

maybe, just to be on the safe side

So I was reading dee's scary/funny story (scary because... well, it's scary, go read it, and funny because dee is really good at making scary stories pretty damn funny, go read it already) about saving her kid's life while a bunch of strangers just pretended not to hear them, and here I am.

You know, a refresher CPR course is not a bad idea. I was forced to take took a class in high school, then took one when I was pregnant. But do I remember anything? Hmm. How many seconds to do any of the multitude of steps? (which they had the gall to change on me in the intervening years) Yes, a refresher course. That is, if I remember to sign up for one.


Grandy said...

I'm pretty certain I would panic but hubby would be better than me. It's hard when it's your own baby.

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

You know, I still haven't taken that refresher course. And, sooooo need it. The twins are giving me those 'I want to eat your flesh' signals, so I think it's time to introduce some chunky foodstuffs. But, I'm uber-paranoid now about the choking. I think I'll just have them drink their dinner through a straw right on into high school.