Tuesday, November 6, 2007

what I want for my birthday...

So, with the advent of the new Mac operating system, J and I have been discussing buying a laptop so that he can work while we go away during the week. He needs to have a PC to do his work from home (or away, in this case), and the new Macs have been capable of working as either Macs or PCs for a while now.

I did a comparison of how the new laptops stack up against my desktop iMac (do they even call them iMacs anymore?), which is, let's see, between three and a half and four years old. How time flies...it doesn't seem that long ago.

I'll try to get all the jargon down.

My current computer has 1.25 GHz processing speed. The new MacBook/MacBook Pro has a range of 2.0 GHz up to 2.4 GHz. So the slowest is quite a bit faster than mine, and the fastest is almost twice as fast.

My computer has 768 MB memory (and I added an extra memory card, as it only came with 512MB I think). The MacBooks all have 1GB memory; the MacBook Pros have 2GB.

My hard drive must have 80GB, as it says 74.41 GB, and that is an usual number, to be sure. The MacBooks have 80GB/120GB/160GB; the MacBook Pros have 120GB/160GB/160GB.

Not sure if I need another (bigger) external hard drive for the automatic backups that happen with Time Machine.

J has been asking what I want for my birthday (on Sunday Saturday), and what I want to do. His response was...something on your Amazon wishlist? I've been thinking, "Don't you know what I want, I mean, what else have I been talking about for the past month...?"
Specifically, the 15-inch, 2.4GHz, 2GB hard drive with 160GB memory (just in case he's checking this out for ideas...).

He's a little clueless about these kinds of things, I love him dearly, don't get me wrong, but birthday goings-on and presents and things--not his forte. It would be a big present, but it's a big birthday. You know, when the first number in your age changes, it seems to be a bigger deal. (I'm feeling a bit old.) So, we'll see....


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