Sunday, March 9, 2008

success, at last!

I finally got the bulb syringe to work! Last night, Baby had a rather hefty-sized booger in his left nostril, just a tad too far in for my finger (get over it) or a tissue to reach it. He was getting upset by all my poking, but he was already upset by not being able to breathe properly, so I figured I'd take another stab at the syringe thingy. Which has been incredibly annoying until... it worked! I can't believe that I was able to finally get it work.

I know this must sound so silly, but I've been trying to get this thing to work for seven months, now, and it's been so frustrating. I felt such a rush of success last night.


Peevish McSnark said...

Funny how such things feel like huge victories. I remember the first time I sucked the snot out of Miss Peanut's crusty infant nose - I felt like such a competent mom... She didn't care much for it, though.

might I add...? said...

Yes, you're absolutely right, he hates it. But he's not happy about being congested either, so, what's a mom to do?

dee said...

Kudos to you for mastering the funky bulb. I have never, after what 4 kids?, been able to use that damn thing.

And, I don't do rectal temperatures. Just.can'