Saturday, March 15, 2008

organizing tips from Ikea (or how to keep your pie)

Thanks to blackbird, I found the Ikea channel on YouTube. Have I mentioned my obsession with all things Ikea? So, I thought this was clever...

Check out blackbird's post to find out what led me there.

I just tried the blogger shortcuts for making hyperlinks, and damn, that's easy. Not that I mind doing the html, but you gotta love a good shortcut. I feel a little silly for doing all the html myself all this time.


blackbird said...

Isn't she cute, that Ikea lady?

Raw Food Diva said...

and yes she is cute and yes those beans are scary,
and yes all things ikea all the time!

Elizabeth said...

Too funny.
Btw, we loved The Booger Extractor when the kids were babies. very satifying! My husband wished it worked for himself!

Grandy said...

I am so NOT skilled with the computer that I'm not sure what you said in the last paragraph. A shortcut? Where do I sign? ;)

Thanks for stopping by my site. :D