Tuesday, October 30, 2007

crush meme

I saw this on motherbumper, and a wave of nostalgia swept over me. Here goes:

Micky Dolenz from The Monkees. I am NOT old enough to have seen these the first go-around. But I adored them when I was about eleven. I would watch them in reruns all summer long. I loved them so much I actually recorded them on audiotape. Yes, you read that right, AUDIOtape. This was in the days before VCRs. Well, at least before we had a VCR, and while we weren't one of the first to get one, we're still talking early technology. I would listen to them at night with an earphone and my huge radio/tape player. I had seen them so many times that I knew what kinds of visual hijinks they were up to just by hearing the sound effects. In fact, I had quite a fantasy life which revolved around being part of the Monkees' "family."

Shaun Cassidy. I may have had a crush on him just because every other girl in my class did. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I was a follower on this one. But I think I had a poster of him up on my closet door.

Timothy Hutton. This one started when I was in eighth grade (?). I *had* to see a movie for something in school, and my mother took me to see "Ordinary People." I loved the brooding, sad character he played. Sad story. Really hard to take in Mary Tyler Moore as the bad guy, but I still feel nostalgic whenever I see him, which is pretty rare. The crush even extended a bit to his father, Jim Hutton, who I would occasionally see in old movies on TV, like "Walk, Don't Run." I don't remember anything about this, only that he was in it. Whatever happened to Timothy Hutton anyway? I'm glad I outgrew the crushing on the brooding intellectual type.

Johnny Depp. This one is ongoing. I have loved the quirky characters he portrays in films since I first saw him. I'm sure I can't name all his movies, but definitely goes back to Edward Scissorhands and Benny & Joon days.

The Mac Guy. I have no idea what his name is or the name of that movie that he was in not too long ago about the kids who make up their own college. But I have to see him in whatever he's in. OK, I'll be the first to admit it, I am totally a Mac person. Love Macs. Hate PCs. Love the Mac commercials. Think the Mac guy is really cute. And sweet. Come on, would YOU be so nice to that PC guy? And I just found out that Mac is ditching the Mac guy because ... people end up sympathizing with the PC guy. Really? Does anybody really sympathize with him? OK, maybe sympathize with him because he's such a loser-nerd (don't give me a hard time about this, I don't think all nerds are losers, but this one is), but I for one, leave the commercials feeling like the Mac guy is nice and really knows his stuff, but he doesn't shove it down PC guy's throat. Let's face it, you can do much cooler stuff with a Mac right out of the box. Intuitive is the key word here.

Hey, does anybody know where this word "meme" comes from and what it actually means? I think I looked it up the other day, and the only meaning I could find was a linguistic one about morpheme or somesuch.


super des said...

I too love Johnny Depp. Not just because he's pretty to look at, but he actually is quite a good actor. One of my faves, in fact.

snowy said...

I wondered if it came from "me me" as in "this is all about ME!"
I've no idea though, really.
Have you looked on Encyclopedia dramatica, that where my daughter gets lots of useful information about "the internets" but I don't go there, because there's some fairly yucky stuff too.

motherbumper said...

OMG I was so in love with Timothy Hutton - I knew everything about him. I remember buying the People Mag with him on the cover after he won the oscar for Ordinary People - that movie made me cry so hard. Ohh that was a nice trip down memory lane.