Friday, March 6, 2009

an old favorite

I don't know why, but I never get tired of this book:


As a youngster, I loved this story, mainly the part with the dogs all heading for the tree. What is up on top of that tree, anyway? Oh, the anticipation!! I also loved the page with all the dogs asleep, except for one. (What I realize now is that maybe that little dog is asleep, too, just with eyes wide open.... A little scary, but whatever.)

I've been reading it again (a lot) the past 8-12 months, give or take. Mostly because I enjoy it, and it's long enough to be reading for a while. And my little one seems to be fascinated by (the idea of) dogs.

I've been noticing lately that the dogs with hats:
"Do you like my hat?"
"I do not."
really provide some comic relief and break up the reading and tie it all together at the same time. Clever.

And I still love that dog party! What a cool dog party! And what's up with that dog that's sleeping up there in the tree in the middle of the party??


super des said...

I used to have all these books and the Seuss ones too. I loved them. Still do. But a coupla years ago, I let my (now x)bf's niece "borrow" them. I'm sure I'll never see them again. :(

might I add...? said...

des- do you think you could call her up and ask for them back all nicely? I mean, she's not your ex, after all. She might say, sure, especially if her parents are the ones paying for the postage. ;-)