Sunday, March 29, 2009

things that make me cranky

Middle-aged man who asks me (while volunteering at a registration desk for an event... not the first aid desk) to help him put a Band-Aid® on his finger which currently has a tissue rubber-banded on. Reluctantly, I agree to help. Then, he proceeds to ask me to throw away his bloodied tissue. Uh. No. I ask him to kindly come around and throw the tissue away in the trash can. This man, who is not a teen Michael Jordan-wannabe, proceeds to try to do a free shot for the trash can. And, surprise! surprise!, doesn't make it. Then, he expects me to pick up the tissue from the ground and throw it away. Uh. Double-N.O. Spells "NO." I didn't want to touch your tissue in the first place. I certainly don't want to walk across the room, bend over, and pick up your tissue because you are too childish to just throw the thing away in the first place.

Note to clueless people: Don't expect a stranger to want to deal with your bodily fluids (even if dried), and especially don't expect said stranger to want to pick up your dirty tissues because a) you don't want to be bothered or b) you're too adolescent to just throw it away and want to make it into a game. DO expect me to give you my best teacher glare.


super des said...

When I worked in a pharmacy, someone came up to get advice from the pharmacist. The advice was "do you have a bandaid that will fit this?" The woman had pretty much sliced her hand off, and was bleeding very profusely through the paper towel she was using. I told her to go to the hospital, but she insisted on a bandaid. I told her the bandaid would get swallowed up inside that enormous gash. She finally left, and the other customers got annoyed at me for cleaning up the blood on the counter before helping them.

People are retarded.

Anonymous said...

Bluck to your experience AND super bluck to super des's. I'm never leaving the house again. Boo on bodily fluids.